Benefit For Being an IISB Financial Member :

  1. IISB is registered as an incorporated association in Queensland Office of Fair Trading under the Association Incorporation Act 1981. A financial member record must be maintained as a requirement for being an incorporated association.
  2. The member has contributed in da’wah in Brisbane and the surrounding area by paying the annual membership fee.
  3. The member has the right to vote one of the IISB Presidential candidates in the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The member will receive a discounted rate for events oraganised by IISB i.e. camping Rohani, picnic, etc.
  5. The member will receive an up to date information on IISB programs i.e. routine gathering to enhance our knowledge about Islam, Al-Quran lesson for kids, etc.
  6. The member will receive free food in the annual Halal Bi Halal (HBH) event.
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