12/03/2019 01:14 am

Salaam BBQ


Welcoming newly-arrived members,  Opening Cooperation Initiatives The Indonesian Islamic Society of Brisbane (IISB) held a welcoming and networking event at Guyatt Park, St Lucia, las Saturday, 2nd March 2019. The Australian style BBQ party was named Salaam BBQ, which means ‘to greet’ in Arabic. “The name of this event implies that IISB sincerely welcomes newly-arrived Indonesian Muslims living in Brisbane and its vicinity to be the member of this organization and to open itself to any cooperation initiatives with other groups, organizations, and Australian governmental bodies,” said Achmad Supardi, Secretary General of the IISB. 

The main purpose of Salaam BBQ was to strengthen the relationships between organisations and communities in Brisbane –especially, but not limited to Indonesians-based ones-- with the future aim of improving collaborations. Various organisations were invited including the Queensland Police Department, Bethany Brisbane (a Christian organization), Seharum Nusantara (Gold Coast-based Indonesian cultural group), Indonesian Sunshine Coast Community, LDII (an Indonesia-based Islamic group), and Indonesian student associations from University of Queensland, Griffith University, and Queensland University of Technology. 

The event was attended by approximately 200 people. While kids were playing on the ground, both presidents of IISB and University of Queensland Indonesian Student Association (Uqisa) signed an MoU. The two organizations will cooperate in providing professional trainings for Indonesians living in Brisbane and its surrounding, including the English course for students’ spouses. 

“We do not want that any Indonesians spent a considerable amount of time in Brisbane still lacking in English. IISB and Uqisa will provide some trainings which will be beneficial for students and their spouses when they back for good to Indonesia,” said Darmawan Atmoko, the President of IISB (Gunaro Setiawan).

Darmawan Atmoko (left) and Arimbi Mardilla show the signed Mou between IISB and Uqisa on professional trainings for Indonesians in Brisbane (Credit:  Achmad Supardi)



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